Our Point System

Our bonus points program was designed to help us work together while making your orthodontic experience more fun! As you will see, happiness is beautiful smiles with on-time finishes. This requires cooperation in brushing, wearing rubber bands, avoiding damage and keeping appointments. These four areas will be graded to help you reach your treatment goals on time.

At each regularly scheduled appointment, you will have the opportunity to earn bonus points for each of the following categories:

  1. If you kept your last appointment and arrived on time for the current appointment.
  2. If you have no lost, bent, broken or loose wires, braces or appliances.
  3. If oral hygiene is outstanding or satisfactory, you can earn up to 2 points!
  4. If wearing your headgear or plastic mouthpiece produced obvious progress.

Bonus points are also awarded. See our bulletin board for guidelines!

If, at any given appointment, you have damaged your appliances, have poor oral hygiene or did not keep your reserved time (late, failed or cancelled without 24-hour notice), you will be ineligible for any bonus points.

We will keep track of each patient's points. If we forget to give you the points you have earned, ask your Clinical Assistant for them before you leave the office. Your prize is our way of saying “Thank you!” for being such a great patient!

Here are some of the prizes you can receive for your extra efforts:

  • Movie passes (AMC & Regal)
  • Webkinz
  • Small plush
  • Gift certificates to Bath & Body Works, Orange Leaf, Best Buy, Burger King, Dick's Sporting Goods, iTunes, Starbucks and Target